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Over the past 30 years, we have done things differently and it works! Ben-Mor is a large family where we truly value happiness, closeness and collaboration. In addition to offering an exceptional environment, we focus on work methods that ensure a flawless finished product while prioritizing the wellbeing of our employees.

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  1. Work-life balance

    Our working hours ensure a healthy work-life balance for our employees. We recognize the value of exploring new interests and spending quality time with family.

  2. Recognition

    We know that our customers’ satisfaction depends on the wellbeing of our employees. That is why we’re committed to celebrating both the small and great victories.

  3. Collaboration

    We work closely together and have fun at the same time! Teamwork and helping others are part of our daily routine.

  4. A wide range of tasks

    Thanks to the rotation of factory roles and being open to ideas shared by our employees, no one gets bored here!

  5. Progressive training

    We support you from day one. We offer a solid training program for new hires which is complemented by ongoing training that allows employees to learn at their own pace and deliver exceptional work.

  6. A sense of accomplishment

    We believe that motivation is driven by a feeling of being involved. At Ben-Mor, every position is important. This is why we value discussion and knowledge sharing.

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