Ben-Mor recycles water and polymers.

During the extrusion process, the water circulating in the cooling system is recuperated. The water is changed only twice a year. The polymers are recycled and reused in part for the production of coated cable. 

Ben-Mor is the first company in Quebec to adopt solar heating for its plant.

Enerconcept’s heliothermic heat pump will help to save close to 50% of the plant’s heating costs. This solar energy system could very well become a model of efficiency and profitability for all Quebec industries. The sunlight is transformed into usable heat to warm the plant’s interior.

The exterior ambient temperature is raised by 10°C to 20°C in the solar collectors. The hot air is drawn into the collectors and then routed to the cold side of the heat pump, which easily absorbs this energy. The solar energy that is so captured is directed towards the interior of the building and is distributed at a higher temperature (27°C) by fabric air ducts.