Our values

Our values

The Customer is King

The saying has survived and all have proclaimed it loudly. The voice may carry but if the results do not follow it, the customer is not the king any longer. At Ben-Mor, we prefer action to noise. That is why we whisper it in all confidence:

''Ben-Mor knows the meaning of the word ''customer'', the consequences of the word ''trust'', and the notion of faithfulness to the king;''

''Ben-Mor's team makes sure that its precious team spirit, mutual aid and mutual respect is constantly renewed;''

''The same team is fully enaged, on a daily basis, to reinvent the highest quality standards;''

''Finally, dear customer, we wish to assure you that at all times, we will work to offer you the best products possible at a price that will show our gratitude towards.''

Let us prove it to you. Welcome from all of us. Enjoy your visit!

The difference is precious

Time teaches us many things. The most important thing to last is to keep our precious and unique relationship with you dear customers.

Having wisdom and experience is important, but more is needed to succeed. While we do our best to serve you, we have the duty and the responsibility to continue. To do this, we take the time to train our young employees. We renewed our team by seeking vision, passion, power and depth. These people represent the future of the company.

In all humility, we have the pleasure and the honor to present an experienced but young team driven on the growth. They see the future with brilliance and success. The challenges are enormous and their talent is unlimited.

This team is ready to put the effort and the time it takes to serve you in turn with the courtesy and enthusiasm that characterizes us.

The values ​​of Ben-Mor are a priority that continues and it is for this reason that the customer is always king.

Thank you from the team

Employees with common objectives

As a professional company, Ben-Mor is particularly concerned with the quality of life of its employees and their individual development. In addition to promoting employee health and safety, it offers all employees an environment of evolutionary management which encourages interaction, upward mobility and a balance between work and family. Choosing to pursue your career at Ben-Mor is to choose to work as a team, to become involved and find fulfilment by reaching common objectives.

Our company offers a stimulating dynamic work environment and an opportunity to work in an exclusive domain. It promotes solid values: quality and conformity, client and employee satisfaction.

Ben-Mor's sales force is composed of a team of more than 30 employees across Canada who is committed to customer service. Constantly on the lookout for new products and services, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to meeting the varied needs of our clients.