Equipment & Process

High Quality Swaging 

With a variety of hydraulic swagers and rotary swaging machines, we are capable of swaging 3/64'' through 3 1/2" diameter fittings. We are also equipped to swage specialty bar and tubing onto cable. Automatic cut-off machinery and bench swagers couple to turn out a finished product at a competitive price.

Certified ISO 9001 

With two teams of splicers on two shifts we manufacture and deliver exactly when needed.

Quality Synthetic Slings

Our combination of experience and quality standards is your guarantee of a quality product. Furthermore, the size of our sling facility with numerous pieces of equipment enables us to produce your slings quickly and at the highest level of quality.

Automated Precise Cuts

Rotary Swagers

Zinc Die Cast Technology

Zinc die cast termination offers advantages that are difficult or nearly impossible to achieve with traditional swaging methods.

The benefits of zinc die cast termination to consider when designing your cable assembly are:

- High Strength: zinc die cast termination will exceed the nominal published breaking strength of the cable in most cases.

- Expanded Design Advantages: allows shapes to meet specific needs that would not be feasible with swaged fittings.

Precision-Machined Components 

CNC lathes and milling machines, and a full complement of secondary machines gives us the ability to manufacture fittings for many of our assembly requirements.

Automatic Cable Rewinder 

Superior Quality Control


Wire rope and cable products are tested to specified levels of performance, using both destructive and non-destructive test methods. We conform to applicable Military and ISO Standards.

Optimized Workstations

Optimization of workstations is one of numerous initiatives that allow Ben-Mor to maintain high satisfaction levels for its products and services.


At this station, a quick glance is enough to confirm that something is misplaced and could hinder the operator's work. Just another example of Ben-Mor's commitment to maintain the highest levels of quality standards at every step of customer service.

In House Testing

With our numerous test beds, Ben-Mor can offer testing and certification up to 1  200  000  lbs  x   100  ft. All slings tested come complete with the proof test certificate, and are logged online with EasyTrack.