Terms of sales


All “Ben-Mor inc.” products are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Any item found to be defective will be replaced or adjusted, provided “Ben-
Mor inc.” is notified promptly upon receipt of merchandise. “Ben-Mor inc.” reserves the right to request that the defective item be returned for examination purposes. The
purchaser will be responsible for labor charges incurred by the examination of the returned item(s). “Ben-Mor inc.” liability regarding defects in any item shall be limited to its
replacement or to the adjustment for an amount equal to the price paid for the item. Debit memos will not be accepted without prior written authorization by “Ben-Mor inc.”


Claims for loss or damage in transit

All products are carefully inspected and packaged to assure delivery in good condition. Product damage or loss occurring in transit is the responsibility of the carrier, and in the
event of such loss, the purchaser must advise the carrier within 10 days after delivery. “Ben-Mor inc.” will give all reasonable assistance in tracing shortages and filing claims.


Returned Merchandise

Credit will not be issued for material returned without written authorization from “Ben-Mor inc.” Return request must be mailed to the “Ben-Mor inc.” office and must include
an itemized list of materials with the dates and numbers of invoices. All returns must be done within thirty days of delivery of goods. Items are subject to 20% handling charge.



All prices are subject to change without notice. Invoices will be based on the prices prevailing at date of shipment. Because of the unpredictable fluctuations of raw materials,
“Ben-Mor inc.” may be forced to add surcharges without notice, and due to rapid changes, these surcharges may result in immediate additional costs to our customers. When
possible, “Ben-Mor inc.” will advise of surcharges in advance.


Payment Terms

Net 30 days. Service charge of 2% per month will apply against all outstanding balances over 30 days, or 24% annually.



Open account terms will be extended to firms with satisfactory commercial credit rating. Firms without satisfactory commercial credit rating may qualify for open account
terms, by listing on their order form the name of their bank and three active credit references. When we lack proper credit information, in order to avoid delay in servicing an
order, we will ship “cash on delivery” payment basis (C.O.D.).



The dimensions, weights, strengths, lengths, and other specifications shown in the catalog are subject to variation within reasonable tolerances